Publicly available information

The Illuminati of Ussea, also known as the 'Ussean Illuminati 'or the 'Ussean Secret Service' is a twin-role domestic & foreign intelligence agency that operates independently above the executive powers of the Ussean Allfather & Commander-In-Chief of the United States of South-Eastern Asiatica.

They are responsible for deterring foreign infiltrators from sowing discord within Ussea, multi-state organised crime, and eliminating counter-religious secret societies.

  1. Investigative High-Order
  2. Protective High-Order
  3. Counter-Insurgency and Black Operations
  4. Secretive Diplomacy
  5. Religious Doctrines
  6. Ancient Archeology
  7. Assassinations approved the Allfather & Queen of Prophets

Suspected Alliances

The Ussean Illuminati claims maintain loyalty to no government--this including the very one that governs Ussea--it still maintains small, discrete & lukewarm relations with intelligence services with allies and non-enemies.

Though the Era of Colonization brought about heavy anti-western sentiments amongst the entirety of the continent of Asiatica, there are still rumors that the Illuminati of Ussea communicates with the Illuminati of Kanata on an exclusive basis as part of a secret clause in their Declaration of Separation.

This however, remains to be proven as the Illuminati operates under a shroud of secrecy and actively cleans up any spills of unwanted attention in media both digital and physical.