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Heavenly Kingdom Special Forces is a planned fantasy novel series written by South-East Asian writer, Minerva Marie-Sagan.

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About HKSF Book Series by Minerva M.S.

Heavenly Kingdom Special Forces is a young-adult/fantasy novel series written by Minerva Marie-Sagan, with planned illustrations by Singapore-based artists. It is current seeking representation and publication from one of the Big 5 Trade Book Publishers.

It's aim is to bring the a South-East Asian themed story with the style of a Japanese Light Novel to the mainstream YA-Genre in light of Anime's rising popularity and advanced into pop-culture.

The HKSF Series draws inspiration from Sword and Magic, YA-Fantasy and many Asian works, notably the Japanese Light Novel, Manga and Anime industry.

About the Authoress

Minerva M.S. was born to a couple with Filipino and Chinese ancestry on the Twenty-Seventh of November, 1995 in Penang General Hospital. In 1997, her mother brought her down south to Singapore to be reunited with her father who had become an expatriate there.

Here where she grew up and two of its main languages, British English and Standard Mandarin, from Kindergarten One up till her GCE 'O' Level Qualifications.

After graduating from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in InfoComm & Network Engineering, she worked as a librarian for two years in which thereafter, she successfully applied to the University of Western Australia in order to pursue her true passion for the Arts, gaining placement in the BA in English and Cultural Studies.

Supposed Intel is accurate as of 2017-Q4.

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