Pixel serves as the political centre and central business hub for the whole of Ussea. It is made of of multiple districts and houses several command and training bases, as well as old preserved colonial infrastructure ranging from bungalows, courthouses, forts and castles.

The current active military bases in Pixel are as follows:

  • Fort Stamford, Southern Pixel, 1st Pixaeli Infantry Division HQ
  • Fort Farquhar, Western Pixel, 185th UDF Joint Communications Command HQ
  • Fort Goliath, Northern Pixel, 105th Pixaeli Airborne Infantry Division HQ
  • Fort David, Eastern Pixel, 4th Pixaeli Mechanised Infantry Division HQ
  • Lionsmouth Naval Base, Aerial Armada, Pixaeli Fleet and Flotilla Command HQ

Majority of those who hold a high socioeconomic status (High SES) reside in the southernmost bay area district of Lionsmouth, and the eastern coastline of Temple Pines.

The central district of Bakkanal stands as a sector in Pixel with the greatest disparity of High-to-Low SES Ratio with a factor of 1:7, compared to other areas within Pixel.