-0- Flag - Ussea (Prototype)

Flag of USSEA

The United States of South Eastern Asiatica, known informally as "Ussea" or "Usseah", is made up of seven autonomous states located in the south-eastern Asiatics:

  1. Staples
  2. Echelon
  3. Northland
  4. Peninsula
  5. Pixel
  6. Garuda
  7. Archipelago


The master name of Ussea is a pseudo-nickname & pronunciation of the abbreviation of its full title, "U.S.S.E.A.", over the span of two-hundred odd years of its unbroken sovereignty. The shorter two-worded term "United States" was once used, but did not catch on compared to its single-worded counterpart.

In the textbooks of its allies and non-allies, they are often referred to as "The Seven Nation Army" due to its famous feat of being the first united group of colonies to rebel against and successfully secede from the colonial umbrella of the Royal Kanatan Empire in the 19th & 20th Century, leading the way to inspire many other colonies to rebel in the wake of its birthday.


The United States of South-Eastern Asiatica was officially recognised as a sovereign nation on the 24th of September 1970 after its seven-year long endeavour to break free from the colonial umbrella of the Royal Kanatan Empire and the fallacies of the western world. During this rebellion (see: the War of Confrontation) the seven states went by the name of the Alliance of South-Eastern Asiatica or ASEA, though until their point of victory against their Kanatan masters, ASEA was never formally recognised by the Aadanian International Court of Justice.

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Military Policy

The Ussean Defence Force (UDF) relies heavily on a policy of non-discriminatory conscription in all seven branches. 77% of its Army Group is made up of National Guard Reservist Units--Adult Usseans who have completed their 5-year conscript cycle and are placed on a fifty-year emergency recall should a national crisis require the additional manpower network.

The Conscription Act mandates that all Usseans are required to serve in the UDF if they have not passed secondary school selection trials for the civil defence or law enforcement sectors of the seven states of Ussea.

Anyone who evades conscription is immediately liable for 'Discharge from Ussea', with their eCard and bank accounts frozen and medical care privileges revoked. Electricity to their residence or shared residence is immediately cut and they become criminals under Ussean law.

Fortunately, 99% of all evaders and draft-dodgers eventually turn themselves in to the Ministry of Defence for immediate service from such measures. As for the rare 1%, a 'Discharge from Ussea' means either Death by Hanging, or Death By Exile.