The Ussean Defence Force (UDF) is the military component of the Ministry of Defence of the United States of South-Eastern Asiatica (USSEA), with the famous and infamous nickname of 'The Seven-Nation Army' in the years leading up to Ussea's birth & recognition as an official nation on Aarde.

The UDF maintains its status-quo as a 'defence force' with majority of its doctrines centered around non-aggression and defensive tactics. This however is not to be mistaken as a lack of offensive measures.

The Ussean Defence Force is famous for its offensive arms like the Aerial Armada and its on-board troops, the Holy Vanguard. Even then, the UDF may not choose the lighter option in any circumstance as it has showed preference in the past for the 'absolute option' of employing their God Particle Bomb wonder weapon to halt any aggressor or foreign invader.

Such 'victims' include the Solarian Shogunate in the Counter-Confrontation and the Grand Republic of Northern Asiatica on the last day of the Seven-Day War.

The UDF relies heavily on a policy of non-discriminatory conscription in all seven branches. 77% of its Army Group is made up of National Guard Reservist Units--Adult Usseans who have completed their 5-year conscript cycle and are placed on a fifty-year emergency recall should a national crisis require the additional manpower network.

7-Key Components

The Ussean Defence Force is comprised of 7 key branches:

  1. Joint Army
  2. Combined Air Force
  3. Blue-water Navy Corps
  4. Aerial Armada (formally known as the Airborne Navy)
  5. Holy Vanguard Legion
  6. Joint Special Operations Command
  7. Cyber-Warfare Command